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Mindfulness Wellbeing


Introducing Angela Spencer, Mindfulness Well-Being Lead:Angela Spencer has worked at the nursery school for many years and is now in the role of Well-Being Lead where she takes up her passion of Early Years mindfulness. Angela has undertaken a number of courses to become qualified in teaching mindfulness practices to become certified in rolling out mindfulness education & practices, particularly in Early Years.


Angela is working closely in partnership with the Horsham Nursery School team to actively develop and nurture a bespoke programme of wellbeing which will help us meet the ever changing needs of our children and families.



Our wellbeing nursery curriculum is fully committed to building healthy brains in our children to help them master skills of self-regulation, managing self and building relationships with others and the wider community. We do this by providing experiences that are engaging, joyful, and fun.

Our curriculum focuses on building safe relationships and self-regulation by bringing our attention to using our senses through sound, smell taste, touch, sight, breath, movement.  

 The children who make up my current key group will often talk about how they use mindfulness outside of nursery. One child recently commented by saying: "I was cross at home. My sister T took everything...all my toys. But I took a breath." The child them demonstrated taking in a big deep breath.

Angela also offers to parents and carers the support they may need for other challenges facing their children and families, for example managing self-regulation, positive behaviour strategies and toileting support. This can include well-being conversations and early years appropriate mindfulness practices that can provide additional support within the home environment. 

Attending your Mindfulness Toileting training was great. I learned so much about taking a holistic approach using mindfulness strategies.

At Horsham Nursery School we are dedicated to fostering a culture of well-being and mental health support for our staff, children, families, and to our wider community.

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