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Horsham Nursery School

Our core Makaton signs

At Horsham Nursery School we use Makaton signing as an inclusive way of supporting communication. Makaton signing is used globally to support early communication. It links gestural signs to single words. Makaton signing has been evidenced to support both children’s understanding of language and their use of language (verbal or non verbal). Please have a look through our core Makaton signs. These signs are used consistently throughout our nursery, with all children. Further signs will be added as the year goes on and children become confident with our core Makaton signs. You may wish to use some of the core signs at home too. For more information and tips on the use of Makaton signing, please do visit The Makaton Charity website.


Please find a list of useful Makaton signing websites and Youtube Channels:

Makaton with Lucinda https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVR4-zug_Upe9pWcz1jRaIw

Singing hands UK https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSgfqkristwvJft3BNN-NYQ

The Makaton Charity https://makaton.org/


horsham nursery core makaton signs.pdf