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Horsham Nursery School

Haven, Our Safeguarding Puppet


We are excited to introduce our new safeguarding puppet, Haven. The children have been introduced to Haven during group time and he is a friendly face to help the children learn about keeping safe.  Haven is used during nursery to highlight when children are learning about something that will help them keep safe.  Haven aims to increase children’s voice within the safeguarding team and to support our children to make a link between what they are learning and safety. Haven will feature as a regular part of our curriculum. Haven will have a presence online on our class dojo page, during group times and have a keeping safe column in our nursery newsletter.


Update from Haven April 24

Haven, our safeguarding puppet has been visiting group times and has his safety reminder signs displayed around the nursery. Haven has been helping the children keep safe when in the garden and reminding them of keeping their private parts private. The children also have to opportunity to talk to Haven if they have any concerns.

Update from Haven June 24

Haven has been helping the children to learn about staying safe in the sun. Haven reminded children to wear a sun hat, use sun cream and keep hydrated by drinking enough water. Haven also helped everyone to think about playing in the shade or coming inside when they are feeling hot!